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About Us

Hi, I’m Deanna. I live in Alaska with my family and my animals. Before moving to Alaska, I was a homeschool mom, handcrafter and professional cake decorator. Since our big move in 2009, I’ve become more proficient in leatherworking and started my own sewing business, providing apparel items for both wholesale and direct-to-customer. I take care of our herd of dairy goats, and manage our herd share program. I’m a devoted locavore and amateur cheesemaker. If you’re reading an article on this website about cooking, livestock, housewares or homemaking, I probably wrote it!

Hi! I’m Jim. It was my idea to move with my family to Alaska (and it was one of my better ideas). I’m a software engineer with a Masters degree in Computer Science, and an undergraduate degree in Secondary Math Education. I’m the muscles behind the hobby dairy I run with my wife, Deanna. I keep the place running as general handyman, fixer-upper, and breadwinner. I’m interested in fishing, farming, and building things. If you’re reading an article on this website about tools, I probably wrote it!

Hi, I’m James. I moved to Alaska with my parents (Jim and Deanna) shortly after I finished high school. I already had some college credits under my belt, and got my undergraduate degree in Economics. After coming home, I decided to pursue a career in aircraft mechanics. I’m an enthusiastic model aircraft builder and designer while I earn my mechanics certificate. I’m highly involved with The Society for Creative Anachronism, and pursue Medieval arts, particularly in leatherwork and weaving. If you’re reading an article on this website about technology, I probably wrote it!