How To Make Royal Icing

Royal icing is an amazing type of icing. Not only can you make decorations with it ahead of time to use on cakes and cookies at a later date, you can thin it down and use it as a decorative glaze.  It seems like it would be hard to make, but it’s actually quite easy, especially when you use meringue powder.

Meringue powder is a powder made of shelf-stable, pasteurized egg whites. Because the meringue powder has been pasteurized, royal icing made with it can be considered safer to eat than royal icing made with raw egg white. You can find meringue powder were cake decorating supplies are sold, or you can buy it on Amazon by clicking here.

This recipe will make stiff consistency icing, which is good for making stand-alone decorations or putting together gingerbread houses. You can add water (or corn syrup) in small amounts until it gets to the consistency you want. Not sure what consistency you need? Check out this helpful video from Wilton:

Royal icing dries very quickly in the air, so be sure to keep your decorating tips covered with a damp cloth when not in use, and keep your extra royal icing in a tightly-covered container.

Would you like an absolutely amazing, non-spreading roll-out cookie recipe to decorate? Check out my favorite recipe by clicking here.

Royal Icing Recipe

  • 3 tablespoons meringue powder
  • 4 cups sifted confectioner’s sugar
  • 6 tablespoons water*

Beat all ingredients at low speed for 7 – 10 minutes in a stand mixer until icing forms stiff peaks. Makes 3 cups.

*For flow-in designs or a thinner consistency, add more water by teaspoons until the desired consistency is reached. For a stiffer consistency, use less water.

Store in a tightly-covered glass container.

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