Tiny Goat Charm Bracelets!

Make Tiny Goat Charm Bracelets

Do you need a little reward to give your 4H kids? Or a stocking stuffer for Christmas? Perhaps a fundraising idea for your local farm club? These adorable bracelets with little goat charms are a quick, easy (and inexpensive!) gift that you can make in no time.

The really fun thing about making these little charms, is that you aren’t limited to goats. You can get them in sheep, cattle of various sorts (the holsteins are here), and pigs.

Jewelry findings are available in most retail craft departments, or you can order them online in bulk like I do.


You will need:


Using the jewelry pliers, carefully and slowly begin to screw the screw eye into the back of the plastic goat. Press firmly but not so hard that the screw slips off the back of the charm and pokes you in the finger. Once you have a couple of threads in the plastic, you can twist the screw eye in a bit faster, but do go slowly to get it started.

Here’s how the screw eye looks when it’s fully in place. Align the eye so that it opens to the side of the goat.





 Add a split ring. Or a jump ring, if you prefer. I like the split rings because they are more secure, especially if you’re making these for a youngster to wear.

See that little bump on the chest? I like to carefully trim that off, but that’s up to you.

The facial features of the goat are molded into the charm, and if you like, you can paint those details in.


 Thread the charm onto the bracelet, and you’re all done. So cute!!!


Caution: These charms should not be given to a child younger than 6 years old, for safety’s sake. They are small and could pose a choking hazard.

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